Walking routes in Tenerife

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San Juan del Reparo - Garachico

Tenerife is a natural paradise surrounded by the Ocean and offers a huge variety of activities suitable for everybody. If you want to see more than the usual coastal landscapes and forests, this is the perfect place for you to visit.

This particular walking route is classified as short and easy and will integrate you with the Tenerife landscape as it follows paths made by lava flows from the Montaña Negra volcano that erupted in 1706.

The departure point of the beautiful trail is Calle El Monte in San Juan del Reparo, Immediately after the crossroads there is access to a narrow path that decends to the first turn off point.

From here you need to take a left turn and then the very first right to continue along the trail.  Seasoned walkers will be happy to discover that the tarmac roadway disappears relatively quickly to reveal the old cobbled stones of the bridle path that zig-zags down the hill.. It’s the perfect time to stop, take your camera and capture the spectacular view to the Garachico Port.

From here you’ll also be able to distinguish the line between the black lava from the Montaña Negra (Black Moutain) and the green vegetation dominated by pines.

You will follow the path all the way until the first houses of Garachico welcome you from the distance. Taking the street that descends in between the traditional Canary Island houses you will reach the Plaza de la Libertad (Freedom Square) where you view the church of Santa Ana, the town hall, San Francisco Park and the Casa de Piedra. From here you can turn left from the square to reach the Puerta de Tierra which brings you to the end of this short, easy and lovely route.

The CLC World Resorts in Tenerife (Paradise and Sunningdale Village) are just an hour’s driving from this spectacular track.

Please remember this article is for information only and that any walks undertaken are done so under your own responsibility.

Photo by: F3rn4ndo

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