Pyramid de Arona

Evening show at Pyramid de Arona

During your holiday in Tenerife going to see an evening show is a great experience and the brand new show ‘Aire’ at the Pyramid de Arona is the latest and best show from the legendary Carmen Mota.

The Pyramid de Arona is near to our Tenerife holiday accommodation at Paradise which provides easy access to an evening of music, dance and entertainment. Wowing audiences for over 10 years in Tenerife, Carmen Mota has dedicated her whole life to Spanish ballet and this love is reflected in each and every one of her performances.

Her innovative choreography which fuses traditional and modern Spanish dance stands out all over the world. This new show is divided into two distinct parts.

The first part features world renowned artists mesmerising audiences with various works of classical Spanish ballet to a repertoire of great music.

In part two, a display of the purest Andalucian style flamenco accompanied by live musicians and dancers portrays the fiery passion of dances performed by gypsies and travelling folk throughout Andalucia at the turn of the century.

Tickets, directions and bookings along with further information is available from our staff at CLC World resorts, so for an evening of fabulous entertainment consider the Carmen Mota shows at the Pyramid de Arona.