Garachico is a town on the northern coast of Tenerife which is one of the most unspoilt areas of the island.

Perched on the coast at the base of a 500m cliff, Garachico is a very Spanish small town that has largely been untouched by tourism and is classed as ‘hidden gem’ by those who have visited the town.

There is no beach at Garachico as the coastline is largely made up of volcanic debris and this makes it one of the reasons to visit. The old harbour area has undergone recent renovation with the construction of pathways and man made rock pools converted into swimming pools for visitors and residents.

The main town has an air of tranquillity with narrow cobbled streets and a number of historic buildings, the main town square is a peaceful place with trees and fountains, a café at one end underneath the bandstand is the ideal place to take a rest stop and people watch.

Garachico also has a convent which is open to the public and serves as the town’s main museum, a must visit for people interested in volcano’s, describing the volcanic eruption that played a major part in the history of the town in 1706.

Down on the seafront an old water mill houses another small museum as does the harbour-side fort. Dotted around the town are many restaurants and shops, some look like private houses until the do0rs are open displaying their wares inside.

The charming town of Garachico is very proud of its history, is within easy access from our CLC World resorts and is well worth a visit for people looking to discover the hidden side of Tenerife.