Welcome to  CLC World in Tenerife, the island that offers visitors a dazzling array of memorable holiday opportunities and experiences.

Discover Tenerife - The Island of Eternal Spring

Given its natural beauty, and year-round glorious climate, it should come as no surprise that CLC World chose the sunny south of Tenerife as the location for its resorts, CLC Monterey, CLC Paradise and CLC Sunningdale Village.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is known as the “Island of eternal spring”. Blessed with the sort of weather that rarely changes throughout the seasons, Tenerife is the ideal choice for family summer holidays or to escape the cold of the north during the winter months.

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Relax with CLC World in Tenerife

When you stay at a CLC World resort in Tenerife, you will have everything you need for a first-class holiday. Two resorts enjoy a hilltop location with stunning views while the other nestles on the edge of the green oasis that is called Golf del Sur. No prizes for guessing why.

CLC Monterey, CLC Paradise and CLC Sunningdale Village typify the high standards that CLC World approves, designed for those who appreciate the finer side of holiday accommodation.

Spacious apartments are superbly equipped with every extra and sit among beautifully landscaped gardens that feature waterfalls, palm trees and exotic plants and flowers.

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