A city of bullfights and bandits

Over the years, visitors have been captivated by Ronda, a small “city” nestled high up in the mountains, about 60km from Marbella and our CLC Club La Costa World resort on the Costa del Sol.

Earnest Hemingway fell in love with this city of bullfights and bandits, calling it “the best place to spend your honeymoon or to see a bullfight for the first time”. The history of Ronda is fascinating. Nearby caves clearly show evidence of prehistoric man and it has a strong Moorish and Christian legacy.

Physically divided into two halves, Ronda’s medieval and 18th-century quarters are linked by its famous bridge, the Puente Nuevo that crosses a very steep gorge and has become the much-photographed and symbolic landmark of this magical city.

Ronda’s highlights include the Bullring, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Spain, the Bandolero Museum (the only “Bandit” museum in Spain), the magnificent Mondragon Palace which now houses Ronda’s Archaeological Museum, and the house of the Moorish King with 200 steps that lead down to the bottom of the gorge.

For some of the best views, wander along to Lookout Point and the Alameda Gardens…the beauty of the surrounding countryside will take your breath away.

Ronda is located inland to the north west of our Costa del Sol resort and takes in some stunning scenery en-route.

Planned excursions to Ronda can be booked from resort.