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Key facts

  • One of Britain's last remaining colonies
  • Good for duty-free shopping
  • Remember to take your passport!
  • On a clear day great views of North Africa

Gibraltar is famous for its “Rock” and for being one of Britain’s last remaining colonies. It is a curious place to visit with a very individual society, a mix of expatriates, Moroccans, Maltese and Spaniards and can be found at the southern-most tip of the Costa del Sol, 90 minutes from Club La Costa World.

The currency is the Gibraltar pound (the same value as the British pound, but different notes and coins). If you pay in euros, you generally pay about five percent more. Although it is a member of the European Union, Gibraltar is outside the Customs Union, therefore visitors can enjoy duty-free purchases.

The town and rock of Gibraltar have a simple layout. The main Street (La Calle Real) runs for most of the town’s length a couple of blocks back from the port; from the frontier it is a short bus ride or about a fifteen-minute walk. From near the end of Main Street you can hop onto a cable car, which will carry you up to the summit of Gibraltar via the Apes’ Den halfway up. Or take a minibus tour to “The Top”.

This is a reliable viewing point to see the tailless monkeys and hear the guides explain their legend. From here you can look over to the Rif Mountains and down to the town and nearby beaches.

From the Apes’ Den, it’s an easy walk south along Queen’s Road to Saint Michael’s Cave, an immense natural cavern which led ancient people to believe the rock was hollow and gave rise to its old name of Mons Calpe (Hollow Mountain).

Guests staying at CLC World on the Costa del Sol will find Gibraltar a 90 minute drive away and can be reached via hire car or alternatively planned excursions are available to book at the resort.

Visitors to Gibraltar from Spain will need to take their passorts along.

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