Fuengirola Zoo

A great day out at Fuengirola Zoo

Fuengirola Zoo provides a great day out for all the family while on holiday at our Costa del Sol resorts.

Stepping off the streets visitors are transported into simulated tropical forests, lush vegetation and cooling serene waterfalls where crocodiles, barely blinking, bask and Sumatra tigers prowl.

The zoo in Fuengirola is famous for its iconic baobab tree where lemurs chase each other through the branches and orangutans play up to their laughing audience.

Children especially, find the zoo in Fuengirola a great day out and it has a programme of education that starts with a capital F for fun. The impact we humans have on nature and the fragility of the natural eco systems are all highlighted in a fun environment that gives the zoo a great opportunity to educate youngsters about the importance of endangered species and their protection from extinction.

In the summer months, the annual highlight of the Fuengirola zoo is that it stays open until midnight, providing visitors the unique opportunity to stroll along the walkways and through the jungles of Asia and Africa, watching the nocturnal activities of the animals.

The zoo in Fuengirola is only one of handful throughout the world that opens its doors to this twilight world of animal activity.

Animal Conservation

Fuengirola Zoo plays a major role in important European and world-wide animal conservation programmes – it is deeply involved in the European Endangered Species breeding programme and is home to animals whose protection and reproduction is vital for the survival of the species.

For great days out in Fuengirola, visit Fuengirola Zoo and take the whole family. There is plenty to enjoy, somewhere to eat and the zoo is also wheelchair and push chair friendly.

The zoo is just a short trip away from our holiday resorts on the Costa del Sol and will leave a long-lasting impression on your holiday in Spain.