Our Cookie Policy

What is a cookie? 

Here we are not talking about those delicious small edible cakes however, this policy refers to the small text files stored on a user's computer by their web browser or the website visited, designed to store basic information (such as visitor preferences) to help the browser “remember” things that you have done in the past.

What type of cookies do we use?

First Party Cookies - These cookies are set by the domain of the website that you are visiting and Essential to site function.

If the website has a login function we use the following cookies to process the login request.

Cookie NameFunctionDuration
ASP.Net SessionidA cookie genertaed by our ASP.NET platform to allow the site to display properlyBrowser close
.ASP_AUTHA cookie genertaed by our ASP.NET platform to authenticate the userBrowser close

Third party Cookies – These cookies are set by domains different to the one you are visiting and are used for statistical purposes.

Website Analsysis

We want to know how people are using our website in order to make improvements, so we use Google analytics to tell us how people are using our site. Google analytics use cookies to detect if someone has been to see us before, how long they stay, what pages they like to look at how often they return. This helps us understand what people like J about our site and what they don’t like L so we can make it better.

For more information about how Google analytics cookies work click here

Booking Analysis

As this website has a booking engine, we use a third party company to analyze customer behavior patterns to identify what sells and what does not – that way we can always offer you the best deals.

For more information please visit http://www.dc-storm.com/information-on-cookies/

Here is a list of the cookies used by DC Storm

  • Non-Cross Domain Tracking: 1st Party Cookies
  • Non-cross domain tracking uses first party cookies only. These cookies are written in the domain of the site being tracked.
Cookie NameDescriptionExpiry
_#srchistStores the history of traffic sources the user has arrived to the site by1000 days
_#sessStores information about the session1000 days
_#vdefStores the visit definition – ts type, number of visits, expiry1000 days
_#uidStores a user identifier (only within a site)1000 days
_#slidUnique sale ID1000 days
_#clkidUnique identifier for a click generating a landing1 year
_#lpsFlags that the last page was secure and therefore has no referrer20 min
_#tsaStores the referrer details to avoid duplicate Landing events10 min
_#envFlags whether the environment variables (screen size, browser etc) need to be collected again30 days

Cross Domain Tracking: 3rd Party Cookie

Cross-domain tracking uses 3rd party cookies to enable spanning of domains. The availability of third party cookies is tested – if not available a 1st party cookie is used instead, with reduced tracking ability.

Cookie NameDescriptionExpiry
_#stc[site id]This is the third party cookie used to store all the other cookie data in concatenated form. The Cookie’s name has the site ID in it.1000 days
_#nxdThis is a 1st party cookie used when access to the third party cookie is blocked. It stores the data similarly to the _#stc cookie.1000 days

Can I manage my cookies?

You can change your browser settings to control how your web browser deals with cookies. You can find out how to do that by visiting www.aboutcookies.org.  They have a guide on how to change your settings for most of the major browsers.

Advise on cookies.

We believe everyone should have a choice so here are a few independent sites that offer information about cookies which you might find useful.

To find out more about what cookies are and how to control them, why not have a look at www.aboutcookies.org – they have lots of information about cookies.

Also, http://www.youronlinechoices.com/ has a good guide to online behavioral advertising and online privacy.

Please be aware that if you decline the use of cookies, you may not get the best experience from this website.

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